A More Sustainable Future is on the Horizon

Fund Executive Summary

Green Horizon Opportunity Fund, LLC uses a sustainable investment model incorporating Environmental, Social, and Governance factors, to identify, evaluate, and select Opportunity Zone-qualified investments.

Green Horizon targets investments in renewable, sustainable, industrial-focused businesses that qualify under the Opportunity Zone Fund Program. Projects are selected for their ability to produce compelling risk adjusted return, meet the Fund’s ESG criteria, and create positive benefits in the Opportunity Zone community in which the project exists.

As a significant competitive advantage in identifying and securing projects, Green Horizon has executed a teaming agreement with a well-established developer with decades of clean-tech experience, and seeks to engage in similar agreements with other developers in the space.

Through its disciplined project finance and investment selection process refined over decades of investing in renewable and sustainable projects, together with its skilled and experienced analytical team, Green Horizon is positioned to catalyze growth in Opportunity Zones as well as meets its intended financial expectations.

Our Investment Strategy

  • The Fund will integrate environmental, social, and governance factors into portfolio company selection, due diligence, investment and surveillance efforts
  • GHOF will engage primarily in the development, redevelopment and acquisition of middle-market industrial-focused businesses that qualify under the Opportunity Zone Fund program
  • Fund investment will not be limited as to geography (over 8,700 zones are eligible), sector, or industry concentration
  • GHOF will target ownership in portfolio companies where the manager can utilize its expertise in investments involving energy, infrastructure and complex financing scenarios to generate attractive distributable cash flows providing economic returns if the investment is held for the entire 10 year period (allowing the investor to maximize the QOF tax benefits)

Fund Features and Benefits

Prioritizing sustainable investing to drive value and meet financial and environmental goals.

Why Green Horizon?

  • GHOF features a broad sector focus with diversification benefits
  • GHOF’s investment mandate will target larger-scale, qualified middle market industrial companies and projects which incorporate elements of environmental, sustainability and governance factors, and will pursue other opportunities which represent attractive return potential to investors
  • GHOF will integrate ESG factors into its investment efforts as a core principle, prioritizing investment into portfolio companies that match these values
  • The Fund has an executed teaming agreement with an experienced clean-tech developer, and an extensive network of businesses and relationships to identify and support projects (like commercial banks, investment banks, other developers, brokers, and government organizations)
  • The Fund works with clean-tech asset managers that are expected to provide investment activity, market insight, and ESG oversight
  • The Fund intends to hold each investment to generate the most significant tax benefit to investors; however, the Fund will be opportunistic if the potential return of an investment justifies an earlier exit

Green Horizon is Ready

Green Horizon helps to bring positive change to communities and our world.


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