Providing A Greener Tomorrow

Green Horizon Opportunity Fund

Green Horizon
Opportunity Fund

Providing a Greener Tomorrow

Green Horizon Fund Highlights:

  • The Green Horizon Opportunity Fund, LLC, (“GHOF” or the “Fund”) invests in renewable, sustainable, industrial-focused businesses that qualify under the Opportunity Zone Fund Program.
  • The Fund is managed by a team of key individuals with deep experience investing in middle-market commercial and industrial sectors.
  • GHOF invests in energy, infrastructure and creative structured financings to drive value and meet environmental, social, and governance factors, using socially responsible investing practices.

Focused On
Operating Businesses

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Opportunity Zone Fund


Immediate Impact Available

For Qualified Purchasers Only

An Opportunity on the Horizon

A fund that pairs private capital and socially responsible investing within Opportunity Zones.

Deliberate Focus

Green Horizon selects only those platform investments or businesses which meet or exceed standards for environmental friendliness and sustainability, while offering significant growth potential.

Tax Advantaged

Opportunity Zone regulations incentivize growth capital formation in Opportunity Zones by providing investors with certain tax deferrals and treatment of certain gains. Seek the advice of a tax professional to learn more.

Industry Expertise

Extensive project finance level due diligence is performed on all projects, examining every angle to identify and mitigate risk factors.

Set Up for Success

Projects or businesses are chosen for investment that have the best chance of not only financial success, but also contain long-term tangible benefits for the communities within Opportunity Zones.

Platform #1

Sustainable Indoor Farming

Cost-effective indoor farming of baby leafy greens. Using a highly efficient hydroponic system, produce output is increased, at lower cost, and with a lower carbon footprint than conventional farming. The end products capitalize on growing consumer demand for local, clean produce.

Platform #2

Renewable Carbon-Neutral Fuel

Focused on the conversion of agricultural waste from sugar cane processing into a sustainable source of high-energy pellets and biochar. Products will be used as a renewable fuel and a soil amendment, with applications ranging from coal replacement to oil & gas remediation.

Platform #3

Clean Energy Aggregation

Aggregating renewable energy via contract for difference, swap, or power purchase agreements to increase renewable power supply when utilities do not offer financeable long-term off-take contracts.

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The Fund will integrate environmental, social, and governance factors into portfolio company selection, due diligence, investment, management and surveillance efforts.

Fund investments will target a minimum attractive return, while maximizing the capital gains tax incentives available to Qualified Purchasers.

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